poster vote

This week we voted on a poster for our classroom. My poster was not that good but at least I tried my best. There was four rules and one person at each table did one rule. our table voted on me doing the fourth rule, and I did not complain. rule four was speak up for your self. I like it because i can make memes out of it so that all for this week and ill see you next week

my new prodject

This week i was working on the four c’s, I’m on level 4. And they are critical- thinking, creativity, communication, and collaboration. And I’m working on a a roller coaster for marbles and it is almost done, so that’s i for this weekly review ill talk to you guys next week.

almost done

Hi i’m working on a unit that involves context clues. And i’m almost done with it I just need to make a /  than i’m done. I decided i’m not going to do level 3, because I have to do 1 more other unit. Witch is, authors preppies. And i’ve been on a roll lately as well and i’ve been doing all my work. thats all for this check up and ill talk to you guy next week .

my air plane was pretty good, it was not the best and it was not the worst. But it was good enough to beat other peoples mine flew in the air the longest. Witch means, mine can stay in the air for a long time.  I called it the penguen, because i thought it could not fly at first. But then when i threw it it flew really good.